HR professionals at your service for all the intricacies of human resources and people-related matters. Including group and individual coaching.

Coaching Sessions

We design, build, and implement coaching sessions for individuals, groups, or even the entire company.

The most requested coaching sessions are:

  • Leadership Evolution: From Organizational Charts to Psychological Safety
  • Psychological Safety and Supervisory Work: What and How?
  • Fearless Organization: From Stress to Resilience.
  • Better Communication: Understanding and Leveraging Differences.
  • The Power of Storytelling. Lead or Sell More Effectively.
  • Our Company Culture: What Is It and How Do We Identify It?

Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions take place in one-on-one interactions with a coach or mentor. Each coaching session is unique, so we can only describe the process. In coaching sessions, such as business coaching, the focus can be on finding solutions, or in sessions aimed at enhancing mental performance, on discovering ways to overcome everyday challenges. Mentoring, on the other hand, involves an experienced professional providing conversational support in situations where the mentee may be encountering something for the first time.

Helena Tahkola

Lead HR Designer

Business coaching

Business coaching refers to coaching that takes place in a work context, considering organizational goals, finding solutions, and focusing on achieving results. Typically 5–10 sessions per person.

Mika Aittamäki

Coach | Culture Designer

Stress, Resilience, and Mental Performance

The coaching focuses on enhancing an individual’s mental performance by finding a path to a balanced life and concentrating on better utilizing one’s resources. This is achieved by managing stress and increasing resilience. The coaching program is designed individually.


You have the opportunity to have a full-time HR professional from Töölön Vire at your company’s service. First, let’s assess your company’s needs for the expertise of OwnHR. The range of required expertise can indeed be quite broad. Sometimes you may need an HR Director, in other situations an HR Manager, perhaps a Coordinator, or even an Assistant.

Töölön Vire provides the expertise of an HR professional, while you manage the work itself. This way, you don’t have to worry about whether you can recruit a skilled person yourself. OwnHR can grow with your company or you can elevate the expertise requirements as you grow, ensuring you have OwnHR tailored to your needs again.


• Co-determination negotiations
• An HR partner to review the legality of procedures
• An HR partner to support employee well-being
• An HR partner to support the employer and employee representatives’ work in co-determination negotiations.
• An HR partner to support the co-determination procedures in the company
• An HR partner to ensure the legality of co-determination procedures and provide appropriate support for both employees and employers.


• Expert recruitments
• Head hunting
• Assessments: SEB Competency Assessments and DiSC Work Personality Assessments

Employment lifecycle

• Co-determination negotiations
• Employee handbooks
• Occupational health competitions